Aostirmotor S18 Review – What Others Aren’t Telling You

Aostirmotor S18 review

Are you looking for an electric bike that’s cool-looking and practical for your outdoor trips? The Aostirmotor S18 could be just what you need. This e-bike has become popular because of its attractive shape and strong performance. It has a unique frame with a wavy design and big, cushioned tires. The bike is easy to get on and off, even if you’re new to biking, thanks to its 33-inch height from the ground.

The Aostirmotor S18 comes with a robust 750-watt motor and a 624-watt-hour battery. This lets the bike go as fast as 15 miles per hour and travel about 20 miles before it needs to be charged again. You can ride this e-bike both in the city and off-road trails, making it an excellent option for anyone who wants to explore different types of terrain.

Overview of AOSTIRMOTOR S18 Electric Bike

Key Features and Specifications

The AOSTIRMOTOR S18 electric bike is affordable, especially for those seeking a full-suspension e-bike. Its key features include a 750W rear-hub motor, a 556.8Wh battery, and a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour. The S18 e-bike also has a 7-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur, making it versatile for various terrains.

Design and Build Quality

Built with a sturdy 6061 aluminum frame, the AOSTIRMOTOR S18 is designed for durability. But, the bike weighs around 80 pounds and could be heavy for some riders. Although it’s not the most lightweight e-bike, its durability and versatility make it suitable for off-road and road use.

Aostirmotor S18 review

Motor Power and Speed

With its 750W motor, the AOSTIRMOTOR S18 e-bike offers adequate power for tackling various terrains. The engine allows the S18 to reach a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour, ensuring an enjoyable ride.

Battery Life and Range

It is equipped with a 556.8Wh battery. The AOSTIRMOTOR S18 electric bike offers a minimum range of 20 miles on a single charge, depending on the conditions and how you use the bike. The battery life is adequate for short trips and commutes but may not be suitable for extended rides.

Comfort and Handling

The AOSTIRMOTOR S18 featured full suspension, which provides comfort and improved handling on rough terrains. Moreover, its fat tires ensure better traction and stability when riding off-road. The S18 electric bike is designed for a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Performance and Riding Experience

Pros of the Aostirmotor S18

The Aostirmotor S18 is a budget all-terrain e-bike with great features and performance. With its 1500W hub motor, you can expect a powerful riding experience, perfect for tackling steep hills and rough terrain. The fat tires provide excellent traction and smooth off-road rides.

The full suspension system on this electric mountain bike ensures a comfortable ride on both trails and roads. Another advantage of the S18 is its speed. You can reach up to 28 mph, thanks to the motor and 7-speed Shimano Tourney gearing system.

Cons of the Aostirmotor S18

While the Aostirmotor S18 has many good points, it also has a few downsides. The bike uses mechanical disc brakes, which might not stop the bike as quickly as hydraulic disc brakes, even though they still work well. Also, the screen on the bike is quite simple and might be more challenging to use than the more modern screens on some other e-bikes.

Ideal for Trails and Roads

The Aostirmotor S18 can handle dirt paths and streets because of its special parts. The bike’s full bounce system and oversized tires make the ride smooth and nice on all kinds of ground. The bike’s body is made from a type of light metal, which makes the bike light and easy to steer on different surfaces.

Safety Features of the S18

The Aostirmotor S18 has key safety parts like brakes and a light at the front. The brakes are good enough to stop the bike quickly, keeping you safe when you’re going fast. The light at the front makes it easier to see when you’re riding at night, so you can safely get around on dark streets and paths.

To wrap it up, the Aostirmotor S18 is a strong, flexible electric bike that’s good for many rides. Its full bounce system and oversized tires make the ride excellent, and the strong motor gives you the power you need for dirt paths and city riding.

Customer Reviews and Feedback on AOSTIRMOTOR S18

Overall Satisfaction

Many customers are happy with the Aostirmotor S18 electric bike’s performance. The 1500W motor provides powerful acceleration and climbing capabilities. The lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability. Riders also appreciate the LCD display. This offers clear information on battery life, speed, and distance traveled.

Aostirmotor’s S18 comes with useful accessories, such as fenders, which help keep debris off the rider and bike. The A20 and S07 models also receive positive reviews. Their value and effectiveness make Aostirmotor’s e-bikes a popular choice on Amazon.

Areas for Improvement

Even though many people like the Aostirmotor S18, a few things could be better. For example, some people who ride the bike say that the battery doesn’t last as long as they want it to.

The parts that help the bike change gears, like the Shimano Tourney gear changer, might need to be looked at and fixed often, which could be a hassle for some people. Also, a few people said that the bike could grip better on wet or slippery ground.

Finally, even though the Aostirmotor S18 is a cheaper e-bike, some people might still think it’s too expensive. But, considering what the bike can do, it might be worth the money for people who want a good electric bike.

Make sure to look at the warranty to see if your e-bike is protected from any problems you might have. Aostirmotor usually offers a limited warranty, but it’s always smart to check before you buy.

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Final Thoughts

The Aostirmotor S18 is made to give you a fun and comfy ride. The strong motor and full bounce system make it great for rough ground and big hills. The bike’s light metal body keeps it steady, while the Shimano parts make changing gears smooth. Also, the Zoom bounce parts help balance the bike on bumpy paths, making your ride fun and easy. 

Even though the S18 model can’t be folded up, it has a good battery that lets you go far on your rides. The bike also has a distance tracker and a light at the back to improve your rides.

The bike has a cool snakeskin pattern and Zoom bounce parts, making it look modern and friendly. With a 20-mile minimum distance and a strong motor at the back, you can go on your adventures without worrying about the bike running out of power.

The Aostirmotor S18 is a good choice for people who want a cheap, all-ground e-bike. With its strong motor and sturdy body, you will surely have a fun and safe ride off-road.

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What is the maximum speed and average range of the Aostirmotor S18?

The Aostirmotor S18, a fat tire e-bike, features a powerful 750-watt motor to reach a max speed of 28 miles per hour. The 556.8Wh battery can cover an average range of 20 miles on a single charge, making it suitable for trail riding and city adventures.

What are the key features of the Aostirmotor S18’s design and build quality?

The Aostirmotor S18 has a sturdy 6061 aluminum frame, ensuring durability for off-road and road usage. Despite weighing around 80 pounds, its design and build quality make it a versatile electric vehicle. The bike also features a unique curvy frame and a color LCD display, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and user-friendliness.

 How does the Aostirmotor S18 perform in terms of comfort and handling?

The Aostirmotor S18 offers a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience thanks to its full suspension and fat tires. These features improve handling on rough terrains and better traction and stability when riding off-road. The bike’s rear suspension system easily absorbs shocks and bumps, ensuring a smooth ride.

What safety features does the Aostirmotor S18 offer?

The Aostirmotor S18 has mechanical disc brakes that provide adequate stopping power. This ensures your safety while riding at high speeds. Another essential safety feature is the headlight, which improves visibility during nighttime rides, allowing you to navigate dark roads and trails.

What is the price policy, and where can I buy the Aostirmotor S18?

The Aostirmotor S18 is a budget-friendly e-bike, offering great value for its features and performance capabilities. You can purchase this e-bike from Aostirmotor’s online shop or other platforms like Amazon. Check the warranty terms before purchasing to ensure your e-bike is covered for potential issues.

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