9 Best Belt Drive Electric Bike Reviewed

Belt Drive Electric Bike

Two drive systems are available for e-bikes: chain drive and belt drive. The chain drive system is much more popular than the belt drive system. But the use of belt drive systems is increasing day by day. Every drive system has pros and cons. So many people have liked the belt drive system and are expanding its use. Mainly, it depends on the demand of the users.

Belt-drive system e-bikes have many advantages that chain-drive system e-bikes lack, and some people find these advantages more helpful in making life easier. So many people want to use electric belt-drive bikes these days. But they need clarification when they try to know some details about belt-drive system e-bikes. The details or articles are less available than chain-drive system e-bikes.

That’s why we’ve created this list to help all interested people who want to know and buy belt-drive system e-bikes. We tested nearly 30 belt-drive system e-bikes to make this list. We have selected 9 of the best belt-drive system e-bikes out of those. We hope that every age and every kind of user will find the best e-bike with a belt-drive system in this list. Just spend 7 minutes in this article to know more about this, and then you can easily choose the best belt-drive e-bike.

9 Of The Best Belt Drive Electric Bikes

Stromer ST2

Type: Mountain E-Bike

Weight Capacity: 300lbs /136kg

Max. Rider Height: 5’4″ ~ 6’4″

Gears: Internal 5-Speed Gearbox

750W Mid-drive Motor

655Wh Standard Battery (Removable)

32mph Max. Speed Class 1 / 28mph in class 3

75 Miles Per Charge (120km)

We have found incredible performance levels with massive customization options from the Stromer ST2. We are really very surprised to know about its customization options. Generally, a belt-drive eBike never contains such customization options as the Stromer ST2.

Stromer ST2 is a powerful mountain eBike with a 750W mid-drive electric motor and a 655Wh standard removable battery. With this combination, we have gained 32mph maximum speed and a wide range of 75 miles per full charge. This 655Wh standard battery needs a maximum time of 4 hours for its very convenient recharge. The battery life is very impressive. The removable battery can support long rides. It is a perfect e-bike with plenty of range for urban and city riding range. These e-bikes are available in 2 colors. As a belt-drive e-bike, Stromer ST2 doesn’t need any additional maintenance.

Still, the manufacturing company provides 2-year motor & battery warranty and 3 years frame warranty. So you can enjoy your ride without any worries.


  • Sophisticated & Slathered In Tech
  • Clean, Stable Design That’s Fast & Quiet
  • Low-maintenance Carbon Belt Drive
  • Removable Battery For Convenient Charging
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Available in Various Frame Sizes
  • 4 Hours Max. Charging Time
  • 2-Years Motor & Battery Warranty
  • 3-Years Frame Warranty


  • Available in a Higher Price Range
  • 2 Color Options
  • Burdensome EU Regulations Complicate Ownership
  • Overwrought OS Slows Power-on

Urtopia Carbon

Type: City E-Bike

Weight Capacity: 240lbs /110kg

Max. Rider Height: 5’7″ ~ 6’5″ (170-195cm)

Gears Modes: 5 Pedal Modes

250W Rear Hub Motor

360Wh Samsung Li-ion Battery (Removable)

20mph Max. Speed (32km/h)

25-62 Miles Per Charge (40-100 km)

Urtopia Carbon is one of the lightest e-bikes ever seen. We have experimented with many e-bikes till now, but never found an e-bike as light as this one. It belongs to one of the greatest frame designs and the manufacturers got the “Good Design Award 2022” for it. Our whole team also impress on these things.

Moreover, the Urtopia Carbon has a 250W rear hub motor that can take up to 20mph. The 250W motor, light and compact yet powerful enough, the rear-hub motor is quiet and responsive, offering enough slope-climbing capacity for most urban roads. A 360Wh Samsung li-ion removable battery can support the motor up to 25-62 miles per full charge. This battery takes 2.5 hours to recharge fully. The belt of this e-bike is very durable, with a maximum lifespan of 18600 miles. Inspired by a gamepad, handlebar control is reduced to two buttons with intuitive essential functions that almost feel like playing games.

Urtopia Carbon also has an app to enjoy all these features well. Believing this software brings out the true potential of the hardware. The manufacturers pay equal attention to this app that fully connects and controls the e-bike. Real-time locating, route tracking, anti-theft alerts, navigation, speakers, community shares, etc., are all waiting for you to explore.


  • Sporty, Smart & Futuristic
  • Ultra Lightweight For All Users (Only 15kg)
  • Full Carbon 50% Lighter
  • Long Range Up to 62 Miles
  • Adaptive Torque Sensor
  • Anti-Theft GPS Tracking
  • On-bike GPS & Navigation
  • Smart App Connectivity


  • Low-Wattage In Motor Makes It Less Ideal For Hills.
  • No Throttle Makes Starting From Stops More Difficult.
  • Voice Control Option Seems Redundant With Physical Controls.

Trek Allant+ 9S Stagger

Type: City E-Bike

Weight Capacity: 300lbs /136kg

Max. Rider Height: 5’1″ ~ 6’1″


Bosch Performance Speed Motor

625Wh Battery (Removable)

28mph Max. Speed

120 Miles Per Charge

The Allant+ 9.9S Stagger is the ultimate e-bike, which is capable enough to replace any of the cars. It can provide a smooth and comfortable ride we have liked most. The super powerful Bosch Performance Speed motor and extra long-range battery can take us to a top speed of 28mph and a maximum range of 120 miles per full charge. The light carbon frame is trimmed with thoughtful features designed specifically for dedicated e-bike riders, including a controller that integrates with your smartphone so you can use it for directions, music, and more.


  • Great Geometry
  • Extreme Riding Range
  • User-friendly Controller
  • Puncture-resistant Tires
  • Extra 500Wh Bosch Battery Can Added
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • All The Necessary Accessories
  • Sleek Look & Integrated High-tech Features


  • 1 Color Option
  • Noisy
  • Expensive

Honbike UNI4

Type: Commuter E-Bike

Weight Capacity: 262lbs /119kg

Max. Rider Height: 5’4″ ~ 6’4″ (160-190cm)

Gears Modes: 3 Pedal Modes

250W Rear Hub Motor

432Wh Integrated Lithium-ion Battery

25mph Max. Speed (32km/h)

62 Miles Per Charge (100 km)

We love this e-bike, especially for its good-looking frame design. The looks are well for this e-bike, but the performance level is also very high. That’s why we listed this Trek Allant+ 9S Stagger in the third position.

Trek Allant+ 9S Stagger has 3 riding modes, Eco, City, and Sport, which provide the riding experience. It is equipped with a bosch performance speed motor and a 432Wh integrated lithium-ion battery. This e-bike can go up to 62 miles per charge and reach a top speed of 28mph. The battery takes 4-4.5 hours to recharge. An LCD display is integrated into the handlebar to monitor all the features. The manufacturer has also developed an intelligent app that built-in Bluetooth® can connect. This app has helped us to know and well control all the features easily. Trek Allant+ 9S Stagger has given us a much smoother and comfortable riding experience. Now it’s up to you. If you think this e-bike suits you, you can buy it without any worries.


  • Built-in LCD Display
  • 2-Years Warranty
  • Max. Slope 35 Degrees
  • Maintenance-Free Wheel
  • 4-4.5 Hours Charging Time
  • Cleaner & Quieter & Long-lasting
  • Up to 6,000+ Miles Maintenance-free
  • Hidden Brake Cables Design, Neat & Safer.
  • Smooth & Comfortable Riding Experience.


  • 2 Color Options

Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMB

Type: City Bike

Weight Capacity: 287lbs /130kg

Max. Rider Height: 4’10″~ 6’3″ U

Gears Modes:

Bosch Active Line Plus 3.0 Mid-drive Motor

500Wh Standard Battery (Removable)

20mph Max. Speed

70 Miles Per Charge

The Ultimate C8 HMB is a very suitable e-bike for both gender and especially for female riders. This e-bike is available in 2 colors. It has a bosch active line, a 3.0 mid-drive motor, and a 500Wh standard removable battery. It can go up to 70 miles per full charge and a 20 mph maximum speed. The hydraulic disc brakes have all-weather stopping power, which makes riding safe. Some little maintenance is required with the Nexus hub and Gates belt drive. All cables are integrated into the step-thru frame. It also has integrated suspension on the front fork. All in all, Ultimate C8 HMB offers a perfect combo of features.


  • LED Display
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 2-year warranty
  • Step-thru Frame
  • Integrated Lights
  • All Cables Are Integrated Into The Frame


  • 2 Color Options
  • Rear Rack Can Only Hold Up To 60 Ibs

Priority Current

Type: Touring E-Bike

Weight Capacity: 262lbs /120kg

Max. Rider Height: 5’0″ ~ 6’3″

Gears Modes: 5 Assist Modes

500W Mid-drive Motor

500Wh Integrated Battery

20mph Max. Speed (28mph can upgrade)

20-50 Miles Per Charge (Based On Pedal Assist Mode)

Priority Current is another featureable bike that we found. It is one of the most powerful e-bikes. It has a 500W mid-drive motor can run up to 20mph at maximum speed. The speed limit is very well for a belt-drive class 1 e-bike. There is also the option to upgrade it in class 3. After the class 3 upgrade, it can run up to 28mph at maximum speed.

Here’s a little bad side present in the battery section. We would have expected a slightly larger battery at this price. But it has a 500Wh integrated battery, which can power its motor for up to 50 miles per full charge. A headlight is integrated to make night riding safe and comfortable. The hydraulic disk brake is also equipped to control it better. Moreover, it has a kickstand, a taillight, a rack with compatibility, and many other great e-bike accessories.


  • Can be Upgrate In Class 3 E-bike
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • LCD Display
  • Eye-catching Design
  • Better Weight Distribution


  • Class 1 E-bike
  • 2 Color Options

Priority E-Coast

Type: Cruiser E-Bike

Weight Capacity: 300lbs /136kg U

Max. Rider Height: 5’0″ ~ 6’4″

Gears Modes: Single Speed

500W Rear Hub Motor

576Wh Standard Battery (Removable)

28mph Max. Speed

20-60 Miles Per Charge

We wanted to list a belt-drive cruiser e-bike with a passenger seat on this list. So we have selected the Priority E-Coast. This is the only electric belt-drive beach cruiser on the market. Classic style with the rust-fighting features of our beloved beach cruiser but powered to go farther, faster! Featuring a rust/grease-free Gates Carbon Drive belt and rust-resistant aluminum frame and fork, The e-Coast combines a simple single-speed drivetrain with a powerful 500-watt hub motor and hydraulic disc brakes for confident stopping power.

The e-Coast has a variable pedal assist cadence sensor AND twist throttle, offering flexibility around how you engage the motor. With 3-inch wide tires, it smooths the road and easily rolls over boardwalk bumps, sandy terrain, gravel paths, and more. The manufacturers modified its iconic Coast frame design to accommodate the motor battery, beefed up 3-inch wide tires, and stiffened it for higher speed use. The rear rack-mounted battery is not only functional but also keeps the lines of the bike super clean. Plus, it features built-in front and rear lights, all backed by industry-leading customer support!


  • LED Display
  • Powerful Motor & Battery
  • Low Maintenance
  • Most Comfortable
  • Dual-leg Kickstand For Extra Stability
  • Built With Rust-proof & Rust-resistant Components


  • Single Speed Makes It Difficult To Ride Home When The Battery Runs Out

Heinrich Enviolo

Type: Cruiser E-Bike

Weight Capacity: 300lbs /155kg

Max. Rider Height: 5’5″ ~ 6’7″ (165-200cm)

Gears Modes: 4 Motor Levels

250W Bosch Powerful Motor

500Wh Battery

25mph Max. Speed

55 Miles Per Charge (200m)

Heinrich Enviolo is another most comfortable belt-drive e-bike on this list. We have got a great riding experience with this e-bike. It is a very expensive belt-drive e-bike because it is built with nearly all the features of a belt-drive e-bike.

Heinrich Enviolo has developed entirely new frames with a very compact motor bridge for the Bosch system. Closer to the motor, smaller chainstays have been developed inside the e-bike segment due to optimal integration. It maintains a comfortable seating position by creating a short wheelbase. The top tube is relatively long, and the riding feels very agile.

Bosch Motor is the market leader in e-bike drive systems for a reliable run time, high safety standards, a dense service network, and the regular and obligatory training of dealer partners. The third generation of 250W Bosch motor is equipped on this e-bike. It impresses with long-range and virtually unnoticeable pedaling resistance when the motor is switched off or riding above 25 km/h. The motor works reliably on inclines as the motor analyses the interaction between the shift, torque, and cadence, ensuring optimal efficiency and energy use.

The PowerTube 500Wh battery enables a range of 55 miles per full charge, mainly depending on the motor level and more. The battery is removable and fully charged in 4.5 hours. Bosch batteries have a long service life, are tested to the very highest safety standards and can be charged at any time, regardless of their battery status. Interruptions of the charging process do not damage the batteries.

The Bosch Kiox display can be used to select the four motor levels, from Eco (minimum assistance) to Turbo (maximum assistance), and display the driving speed. Kiox has connectivity features to automatically transfer ride data via Bluetooth to the eBike Connect app.


  • 3 Color Options
  • 3 Size Options
  • Shimano-MT401 Disc Brakes
  • Integrated Seat Post Clamp
  • Internal Cable Routing
  • Comfortable Handlebar Setup
  • Supernova Front & Rear Light
  • Wingee Mudguards With Bracket For Several Bag Systems
  • Optional Front Rack With Smart Transporting Possibilities


  • Expensive

Vvolt Sirius

Type: Mountain E-Bike

Weight Capacity: 300lbs /136kg

Max. Rider Height: 5’7″ ~ 6’4″

Gears Modes: 5 Assist Modes

650W Mid-drive Motor

375Wh Standard Battery /Upgraded 500 Wh Battery (Removable)

20mph Max. Speed (26mph in Class 3)

15-40 Miles Per Charge (Based On Pedal Assist Mode)

Vvolt Sirius is one of the best belt-drive mountain e-bikes ever. It is capable of sporty on all terrains, Sirius shines on potholed pavement and graveled country roads alike. The smooth motor-assist system is ready for the rough, with handling optimized for unpaved routes, while the adjustable fork tames the bumps. With the Enviolo internal gear hub, twist the shifter to find the perfect gear. There’s no such thing as a “missed shift” with this step-less system that provides a wide gearing range. Unlike derailleur, gears can shift anytime – while pedalling, coasting or stopping!

Stopping duties are handled by powerful hydraulic brakes, which self-adjust for consistent power as the pads wear. The manufacturers specify brakes with mineral oil as it lasts longer between services which are less toxic for our world. They use an MPF mid-drive motor with all-metal gearing in an oil lube bath. It has 350-watt nominal power and 650-watt peak output. These mid-motorbikes can be configured with a Class 1 or Class 3 controller. The Class 1 controller will provide motor assistance up to 20 mph, while the Class 3 controller will provide motor assistance up to 26 mph. That’s fast!

A 375 Wh standard battery provides 15-40 miles of decent range depending on terrain, assist level and other factors – an upgraded 500 Wh battery is available. Those batteries are removable and can be charged on or off the bike. Hydraulic brakes, also paired with 160mm rotors, provide ample stopping power.


  • Class 1 Or 3 Controller
  • Smooth Shifting
  • Off-road Capable
  • Powerful Hydraulic Brakes
  • Suspension Fork
  • 3-Years Warranty


  • 15-40 Miles Per Charge


Belt-drive Electric Bikes & Its Advantages And Limitations

Belt-drive Electric Bike: A belt-drive e-bike, as the name implies, uses a toothed belt to drive the rear wheel instead of a traditional bike chain. Belt drive uses a continuous synthetic belt made from carbon fiber or reinforced nylon and runs around two plates, one front chaining, and one rear cog. The belt drive system increases durability, a cleaner design, and less maintenance.

Advantages Of Belt-drive Electric Bike: Belt-driven bikes are becoming very popular for their durability. The belt-drive system lasts three to four times longer than the regular chain-drive system. Moreover, belt drives don’t need maintenance, saving time, money, and effort. On the other hand, chain drives need much more care for regular performance and to extend their lifespan.

The belt drive or its system doesn’t require grease or lubricant for smooth and comfortable riding. The belt drive or its system is always clean and dry. There is also no risk of staining your clothes as like a chain-drive system. Cyclists love this system for its simplicity.

Chain dropping is a common problem in the chain-drive system, which is absent in the belt-drive system. Because not all belt-drive e-bikes have the gear system. But if the gear system is in any model, it shifts gears inside the rear hub to adjust the resistance. So, the belt drive doesn’t ever need to move from side to side.

Generally, a good quality belt drive lasts up to 50,000 miles; even if you ride an average of 20 miles daily, it lasts seven years.

Limitations Of Belt-drive Electric Bike: Not only do belt-drive e-bikes have many advantages, but they also have many potential limitations. And this is why every cyclist uses something other than this e-bike. For example, belt-drive e-bikes are much more expensive and have fewer features than regular chain-drive e-bikes. So many riders think that a belt-drive e-bike could be better for them.

On the other hand, belt-drive e-bikes are equipped with limited components and gear systems since everything needs to be run through the belt-driven system. So, there is no option to customize a belt drive e-bike with different gears, chainrings, or other components. Overall, it is less efficient than a chain-drive e-bike. 

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Belt Drive Vs Chain Drive E-bikes: Which One Will Better For You?

Generally, chain-drive e-bikes perform better than belt-drive e-bikes. Still, the demand for bikes is increasing day by day. Because the performance level of anything depends on the type of use. So, sometimes belt-drive e-bikes perform better than chain-drive e-bikes. Mainly this matter entirely depends on your needs.

If you love to adventure at high speed, then a chain-drive e-bike will suit you. But if you want an e-bike for touring at limited speed with a higher range to fulfill your daily need, then a belt-drive e-bike will suit you. There is also a need for much less maintenance for belt-drive e-bikes than for chain-drive e-bikes. So it is up to you which type of e-bike is better according to your needs.

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Final Words

Belt-drive E-Bikes are the least products of this time. Many people think it is the future vehicle of this world. So, we test every component very carefully to provide the correct information about all listed e-bikes. We especially focused on motors’ power, the long-range batteries’ size, a braking system for safety, and overall comfortable riding with confidence. Now it’s up to you to select a suitable one without any worries.

FAQs For The Best Belt Drive Electric Bikes

Why is belt drive better than chain drive?

A belt drive is better than a chain drive. Because chain-drive require frequent cleaning, tightening, and maintenance, belt drives are relatively maintenance-free. These run clean as they don’t have to be lubricated with sticky lubes and don’t require cleaning.

Which material is best for the belt of belt-drive e-bikes?

The belts used in e-biking are typically made of composite material, such as rubber or carbon fiber. They are reinforced with other materials, such as carbon strands, to increase strength and durability.

Are Belt Drive Bikes Faster Than Chain Drive?

No. Belt-drive bikes are slower than chain-driven bikes when the rider uses the same amount of power, as chain-driven bikes provide less friction, which can slow you down.

Why aren’t belt-drive e-bikes more popular?

Perhaps their extra cost compared to typical bike chains goes some way to explaining that, though. And in truth, they may be slightly too ‘niche’ to ever become a mainstream craze in the cycling world, given they can’t work in tandem with traditional gearing systems and necessitate a split frame to install.

How can I increase my belt drive efficiency?

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends replacing V-belts with proven belt drive solutions, including cogged raw edge V-belts and synchronous belts, as best practice for increasing belt drive energy efficiency.

What is the maintenance of a belt drive e-bike?

Belt drives are quiet and clean and require very little maintenance throughout their life. Conventional bike chains require cleaning and oiling at least weekly if you cycle regularly, but this is optional for belts. Carbon belt drives are incredibly hard-wearing and, as a result, last a very long time.

What is the most widely used belt drive?

V-belts are the most commonly used type of belt drive. A trapezoidal cross-section V-belts create a wedge action on pulleys to increase friction and improve the belt’s power transfer capability. V-belts are designed for optimum performance at speeds of around 20 m/s.

Is a black or brown belt better?

The Brown belt is the highest-ranking color belt below the black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Progressing from a beginner white belt to a brown belt typically requires at least five years of dedicated training. It is often thought of as a time for refining techniques.

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