How to Carry a Cat on an Electric Bike: 3 Easy way

How to Carry a Cat on an Electric Bike

Taking your cat along on an electric bike ride can be a delightful experience for you and your furry friend. For e-bike riders who are also cat owners, finding the right method to carry their cats securely and comfortably is essential.

Several options are available for carrying your cat on your electric bike. This includes cat backpacks and carriers attached to the bike’s handlebars or bike rack. And even bike trailers pulled behind the bike. This article will discuss the various options and provide insights into choosing the best one for you and your cat and considering your cat’s comfort and proper safety measures. You can ensure your rides together are enjoyable and hassle-free.

Carry a Cat on an Electric Bike: Cat Carrying Options

Pet Baskets

Pet baskets are a simple and easy way to carry your cat on an electric bike. You can find a variety of pet baskets with different weight capacities, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride for your feline friend. A popular choice is the Anzome pet bike basket which attaches to the front of your bike. Front-facing baskets provide better visibility while navigating. Also you can keep a close eye on your cat during the ride.

Bike Racks

Another option for carrying your cat on an electric bike is using a rear rack with a cat carrier. This method lets you attach a cat carrier to your electric bike handlebars or bike rack. Always make sure your chosen carrier is compatible with your bike rack and has a suitable weight capacity for your cat’s size. A bike rack and cat carrier combination provide stability and keep your cat safely enclosed during the journey.

Pet Trailers

A pet bike trailer might be the best option if you prefer more space for your cat or want to take it on longer rides. These trailers attach to the back of your electric bike and provide ample room for extra comfort and protection. Pet trailers are designed to handle varying weight capacities. This makes them suitable for different cat sizes. Before hitting the road, ensure your cat is familiar with the trailer and feels comfortable inside.

Preparing Your Cat for the Ride

Cat Training

Before hitting the road with your cat on an electric bike, getting your pet accustomed to the experience is essential. Introduce your cat to its carrier slowly, allowing them to explore and get familiar with it. You can entice their carrier by placing their favorite blanket or toy inside. The carrier will become a safe and familiar space for your cat.

Next, practice short rides with your cat in their carrier. Start with a few minutes and increase the duration over time. This will help your cat get used to the motion and sounds associated with bike riding.


Ensuring your cat’s comfort during the ride is crucial for a successful and enjoyable adventure. Choose a cat carrier designed for bike riding, which provides a secure and comfortable space for your pet. Opt for a carrier with extra space, so your cat has ample room to move, sit, or lay down.

Use padding in the form of blankets or cushions to give your cat a comfortable spot to relax in the carrier. It’s also a good idea to attach a water bottle or dish to the carrier, so your cat stays hydrated during the ride.

Training your cat and ensuring their comfort will set the stage for a successful bike ride with your furry friend. You and your cat can enjoy a pleasant journey together on an electric bike with a suitable carrier and patience.

Ensuring a Safe Journey

Securing Your Cat

Before starting your journey, ensure your cat is safely secured in a cat carrier or bike basket. Train your cat to feel comfortable in the carrier before hitting the road. Double-check the safety harness is appropriately fastened and the carrier is attached securely to your electric bike.

Entering Bike Lanes and Paths

Be cautious and alert when you’re ready to enter a bike lane or bike path. Pay attention to other cyclists and pedestrians who might be sharing the path. Riding slowly and carefully ensures your cat’s comfort and safety. It’s also important to yield to pedestrians and give them the right of way when necessary. Be prepared to make frequent stops to check on your cat’s well-being as you ride.

Following E-Bike Laws

Always follow e-bike laws in your area. Some locations may have specific rules and regulations for e-bike usage on bike lanes, paths, or trails. Knowing these laws will help ensure a smooth journey for you and your furry friend. Be aware of the speed limits, as going too fast might make your cat nervous. Remember that a calm and steady ride will make the experience more enjoyable for you and your cat.

Customizing Carrying Solutions

DIY Cat Bicycle Basket Options

If you want to create a comfortable and cute basket for your cat to ride in on your electric bike, explore various DIY options. Here are some ideas to help you customize your cat-carrying solution.

Convert an existing basket: Select an electric bike basket that fits your bike correctly. Add a cushion or pad to make the basket comfortable for your cat. You can also use a piece of foam, fabric, or a soft towel to make the sitting area cozy.

Add a cover: Add a basket cover to provide safety and stability. Use a breathable fabric, mesh netting, or a custom-made cover with adjustable straps to secure it. This will protect your cat while allowing them to enjoy the ride.

Customize your basket further: By adding small toys, a water bowl, or even a tiny litter box, you can make the basket more accommodating and entertaining for your cat. Just remember to keep the basket balanced and secured.

Remember, the goal is to create a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable space for your cat to ride on your electric bike. By exploring these DIY cat bicycle basket options, you can give your furry friend a unique and personalized riding experience. 

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Protecting Your Cat Against Weather

Weather Shields

When taking your cat on an electric bike ride, protecting them from various weather conditions is crucial. Using a weather shield can help keep your cat safe and comfortable during the ride. A weather shield is a cover specifically designed to protect your pet from direct sunlight, rain, wind, and cold temperatures. You can find a wide range of weather shields compatible with different cat carrier types, so make sure to choose one suitable for your cat’s carrier.


Besides weather shields, you can use rain covers to protect your cat from bad weather. These covers usually keep out water and can keep your cat dry when it’s raining. Plus, they’re often easy to put on your cat carrier or backpack.

Apart from keeping your cat safe from the weather, it’s also important to make sure they’re comfortable. You can do this by putting a soft pillow or blanket at the bottom of their carrier. This will give them a soft place to rest during the ride.

Remember, it’s very important to keep your cat safe and happy when you’re taking them for a ride on your electric bike. By being careful and using the right weather protection, you can make sure both you and your cat have a good time.

Accessories for Cat Biking Adventures

If you’re planning a bike ride with your cat, you need the right stuff to ensure it’s fun and safe. First, think about getting a cat bike basket. These are light, strong, and cool-looking, and you can attach them to your electric bike’s handlebars or rack.

It’s a good idea to pick bike carriers made for cats for extra safety. These carriers give your cat a comfy place to sit and let them look around during the ride. Look for ones with safety features like strong fastenings or places to attach a harness.

Another thing you might want to think about is a bike saddle or soft pad to make the ride more comfy for your cat. This can help stop them from feeling uncomfortable because of the bike shaking or bumpy roads.

To make sure your cat is safe on the bike, it’s important to find a carrier or basket that can take the weight without making the bike unsteady. Remember to think about how heavy your cat is and how much the carrier or basket weighs when you’re planning your route.

Finally, don’t forget to bring important stuff like water, food, and a small first aid kit in case anything goes wrong. Getting ready for a bike ride with your cat might seem like a lot of work. But with the right stuff, you and your cat can have a great time together on your bike ride.

Final Words

Taking your cat on an electric bike can be a fun and exciting adventure. Choose the right carrier or basket for your bike and cat. Some options include cat backpacks you can wear on your back or front and front-facing bike carriers that attach to the handlebars. Also, You can buy an electric bike with a Passenger Seat.

Before you start, gradually train your cat to feel comfortable in the carrier. Begin with short walks and then progress to bike rides. Remember to stay close to home at first and make sure your cat is relaxed. Your cat can grow accustomed to riding with you with time and patience.

Always focus on your cat’s safety and comfort. Avoid bumpy roads and ensure the carrier is secure on your bike. Monitor your cat throughout your ride and make adjustments if needed. Following these tips, you and your cat can enjoy memorable biking experiences together.


Can I carry a cat on a traditional bike or an electric bike?

Yes, you can carry a cat on both traditional and electric bikes. However, electric bikes often provide a smoother ride, which might be more comfortable for your cat.

What type of electric bike is best for carrying a cat, a mountain bike, or a commuter bike?

While both types can carry a cat, an electric commuter bike is often a better choice because it’s designed for a smooth ride in city conditions.

Does the type of motor, like a hub motor, affect the comfort of carrying a cat on an electric bike?

The type of motor doesn’t directly affect your cat’s comfort, but a hub motor can provide a smooth and consistent ride, which your cat might prefer.

What safety measures should I take when carrying a cat on Class 1 or Class 3 e-bike?

Regardless of the electric bike class, always secure your cat in a carrier and consider using a safety leash. Make sure the carrier is firmly attached to the bike.

Can I use an electric cargo bike for a bike trip with my cat?

Yes, an electric cargo bike can be a great option for a bike trip with your cat. They offer plenty of space and stability, making the ride comfortable for your feline friend.

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