Is RadExpand 5 worth it? RadExpand 5 Full Review

RadExpand 5 review

Are you looking for an electric bike that can fold and ride on various paths? Check out Rad Power’s RadExpand 5. This electric bike that folds up changes the game, mixing strength, a nice ride, and easy use. It has a bar you can move up and down, lights part of the bike, and brakes that use liquid to work. The RadExpand 5 can take on hard paths with no problem. It’s better than the RadMini Step-Thru, giving you a lot of go-power, and can travel a long way, which will wow even the hardest-to-please riders.

Overview of the RadExpand 5 Electric Bike

Design and Dimensions

The RadExpand 5 is a folding electric fat bike designed by Rad Power Bikes. It features extra-wide, knobby tires for a superior grip on various terrains. You’ll notice adjustable handlebars for a custom fit, providing a comfortable riding experience.


The RadExpand 5 weighs significantly less than its predecessors, making it more portable. It is nearly five pounds lighter, allowing you to carry it more efficiently during your daily commute or weekend traveling.

Folding Capability

As a folding e-bike, this bike is designed for easy transportation and storage. You can fold it quickly, making it convenient to fit in your car’s trunk or store in tight spaces at home.

Motor Power and Range

This electric bike gives steady power and can go a long way, making bike rides fun and easy. It can go as fast as 20 mph (32 km/h) using its throttle or help-pedal mode. Riders can plan to go 25-45 miles in one go when the bike is fully charged, but this can change based on how and where you ride.

Battery Capacity

The RadExpand 5 has a 672Wh battery, which lets you go on long rides without charging it often. The battery gives steady power for a smooth ride, and you can set it fully in 6.5 hours.

Frame Design and Materials

The frame of the this ebike is made of solid stuff, which means it’s built to last. Its step-through frame design makes it easy to get on, and off the bike, so it’s suitable for all kinds of riders, no matter how tall or bendy they are.

Braking System

The bike has mechanical disc brakes for when you need to stop quickly. These brakes work well and respond fast. They’ll make you feel safe on various paths and weather when riding.

Suspension System

Even though this electric bike doesn’t have a complete suspension system like some other electric bikes, its big tires and suspension fork help make the ride smoother by taking in the bumps. This means you’ll have a comfy ride on all kinds of paths and ground, giving you a good handle on your bike when you’re out cycling.

RadExpand 5 review

Performance and Ride Experience

Acceleration and Speed

The RadExpand 5 has a strong motor in the back wheel, which gives you a steady and smooth start. Once you’re moving, you can go as fast as 20 mph. The strong motor and the big, wide tires make this electric bike good for riding in the city and for fun rides off the main roads.

Handling and Maneuverability

With the handlebars and riser bar, you can move them to fit you, make your ride as comfy as possible and control your bike. The big tires and robust build of the RadExpand 5 also help it handle well. You’ll find it simple to ride through small spaces, around bends, and on all kinds of paths.


The RadExpand 5 makes sure you’re comfy with its well-made bike seat and seat tube that you can adjust. The big, wide tires give a good grip and keep the bike steady, and they take in the bumps and shakes to make your ride smoother. The bike also has a rack at the back for extra help, so you can bring important stuff with you when you go out.

To sum it up, the RadExpand 5 gives you a ride about going fast, handling well, and feeling comfy. Its strong motor in the back wheel and design that can do many things make it an excellent bike for many riders.

Pros and Cons

When considering the RadExpand 5 e-bike, weighing its pros and cons is critical to determine if it’s the right choice for you.


  • The RadExpand 5 can go a long way, so you can ride far without worrying about the battery going flat.
  • Its rugged design and top-notch handling make it a pleasure to ride on various terrains.
  • The e-bike is stable, providing a secure and comfortable riding experience.
  • As a Class 2 e-bike, it offers a pedal assist and a throttle feature, enhancing its versatility.
  • The RadExpand 5 has handy things like a built-in front light, backlight, and mudguards, making it suitable for all kinds of rides.


  • The RadExpand 5 might not suit tall people, as some have said it’s not comfy for taller people.
  • It’s heavy compared to other electric bikes, making it harder to move or lift when folded.
  • Putting it together can take more work than other electric bikes, which some people might not like.
  • The screen and buttons on the RadExpand 5 are just okay, which could make using it less as good.

By thinking about these excellent and not-so-good things, you can determine if the RadExpand 5 electric bike is right for you.

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Is the RadExpand 5 E-Bike Worth It?

The RadExpand 5 electric bike is a good choice if you want a bike that can fold up. It’s great for city roads and fun rides off the main streets. Let’s look at what makes it a good choice.

First, the RadExpand 5 can go 25 to 45 miles, depending on how and where you ride and how much battery you use. This long-distance makes it good for all kinds of rides, from going to work to fun trips. The battery size lets it charge in 6.5 hours, giving you a long battery life and lots of time to look around.

Staying safe is essential, and the RadExpand 5 works well here. It has LED lights built in, including backlights and a brake light. These lights make sure you can be seen when you ride at night and help show what you’re going to do to others on the road. The bike’s LED screen tells you important things like how much battery is left, how fast you’re going, and more.

One thing to keep in mind is that this electric bike doesn’t have a suspension fork like older ones. But it does have a 7-speed drivetrain with a chainring guide, which makes it easy to start and go uphill. The gear shifters are easy to reach, making changing gears smooth and easy when riding on different paths. There’s also an LCD Display that’s easy to read when riding.

The RadExpand 5 can fold up, which is good for those who don’t have a lot of space to keep it or need a bike they can bring to work. Even though it’s small when folded up, this electric bike is still very handy. It is better than other folding electric bikes.

In short, the RadExpand 5 electric bike is a good pick for those looking for an electric bike that can fold up, go far, is well-designed, and keeps you safe.

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In short, the RadExpand 5 electric bike is a good choice if you want a bike that can fold up, is strong, and does a good job. It can go far, is built well, and has safety stuff built-in, making it a top choice among bikes that can fold up. Whether biking in the city or off the main roads for fun, the RadExpand 5 makes your ride smooth and nice. So, if you want to improve your bike rides, you’ll be happy to pick the RadExpand 5 electric bike.


How does the RadExpand 5 compare to other e-bikes in terms of weight?

The RadExpand 5 is lighter than its predecessors, making it more portable and easier to carry. But it’s still heavier compared to other e-bikes in its class.

What is the range of the RadExpand 5 e-bike?

The RadExpand 5 e-bike offers an impressive range of 25 to 45 miles on a single charge, depending on riding conditions.

How does the RadExpand 5 handle different types of terrain?

Thanks to its big, wide tires and muscular build, the RadExpand 5 can easily ride on all kinds of paths. It is a handlebars and riser bar that you can move also help it handle well and make it easy to control.

How long does it take to charge the RadExpand 5’s battery fully?

The RadExpand 5’s battery can be fully charged within 6.5 hours, providing reliable power for consistent performance.

What are some of the critical features of the RadExpand 5 e-bike?

The RadExpand 5 e-bike features a folding design, adjustable handlebars, integrated LED lights, mechanical disc brakes, and a powerful rear hub motor. It also comes with a rear rack for added convenience.

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