RadPower RadWagon 4 Review

RadPower RadWagon 4 Review

The RadPower RadWagon 4 is a handy electric bike carrying lots of stuff. It’s great for city and country areas. This e-bike gives a strong and steady ride, perfect for people who need to carry things, shop, or take kids around town. With a fair price of $1,999, the RadWagon 4 is a favorite for many e-bike fans.

The RadPower RadWagon 4 comes with a strong body and parts that can be moved to fit the rider. This means it can be used by people of different heights, ensuring everyone has a comfy ride. It can go a long way on one charge, making it a green choice instead of using cars or buses. Plus, it’s easy to use so riders can change the bike’s settings without any trouble. This makes the RadWagon 4 a convenient electric bike for carrying things.

Overview of RadPower RadWagon 4

The Rad Power RadWagon 4 is an electric cargo bike for various users, including men, women, and families. Developed by Rad Power Bikes, this model enables users to carry heavy loads while enjoying a comfortable ride.

Featuring a sturdy design, the RadWagon 4 can handle up to 350 pounds of cargo. Its versatile range of up to 45 miles makes it suitable for commuting or daily errands. Moreover, with a 6-hour charge time, users can rely on this bike for their daily needs.

The RadWagon 4 has an easy-to-use system and can go as fast as 20 miles per hour. This makes it a useful and enjoyable electric bike to ride. Over time, the RadWagon 4 has improved, which is why people who love cargo bikes like it.

To sum it up, the RadWagon 4 is a dependable and practical choice for people who want to stop using cars and start using a greener way to get around. It can carry a lot, go far, and is easy to use, making it perfect for people living in cities and families.

Key Features of RadPower RadWagon 4

Power and Performance

The RadPower RadWagon 4 has a motor in the back wheel that makes your ride easy. This motor gives you enough strength to help you go up hills and over hard ground without trouble. The twist handle lets you speed up fast, giving you a push when needed.

Battery Life

With a reliable battery pack, the RadWagon 4 offers a good range for an electric cargo bike. The battery allows for a 25% weight on the range so that you can go farther without recharging too often. This ensures that you can make the most of your bike for trips around town or longer adventures.

Chassis and Design

The RadWagon 4 has a handlebar that can move up and down. This means people of different heights can ride it comfortably. The bike’s special wheel and tire size make it comfy and steady. This makes it easy to put stuff or kids on the bike. The design suits people who travel daily in the city or countryside.

Brakes and Lighting

Safety is very important, and the RadWagon 4 takes care of it. The bike has good brakes that stop it quickly. This is needed when you’re carrying heavy things or people. The bike also has built-in lights that let others see you when it’s dark. This makes sure you and your staff are safe when you’re riding.

Pros and Cons

The RadPower RadWagon 4 is a handy electric bike that can carry lots of stuff and has many things to think about. This part talks about the good and bad things about this e-bike. It covers the brakes, backlights, wheel size, back wheel, and left handle.


  • The RadWagon 4 has special brakes that stop the bike safely every time you ride.
  • For enhanced visibility, this e-bike features rear lights that help make the cyclist visible to motorists day and night.
  • The bike has a large wheel size of 22 inches, which offers better stability, better grip on the road, and improved handling, especially while carrying cargo.
  • A strong rear wheel is essential for a cargo bike, and the RadWagon 4 can carry up to 350 pounds of load on its sturdy rear rack.
  • The left grip on the handlebar includes easy-to-reach controls for the lights, horn, and display, ensuring convenient access and safe operation.


  • Although mechanical disc brakes offer reliable stopping power, they may require more maintenance than hydraulic brakes and might provide less smooth performance.
  • The 22-inch wheels, while offering stability and better grip, may make it more challenging for some riders to mount and dismount the bike, especially when loaded with cargo.
  • Even without cargo, the bike’s hefty weight could make it difficult for some riders to maneuver in tight spaces or transport the e-bike when not in use.

In summary, RadWagon 4 offers valuable features that make it a reliable and practical electric cargo bike. While there are some drawbacks, such as the weight and 22-inch wheels, the bike’s advantages generally outweigh these concerns.

Riding Experience on RadPower RadWagon 4

Comfort and Stability

The RadPower RadWagon 4 gives a nice ride even when climbing steep hills. This is because of its strong motor and low weight balance. The way the bike is made makes sure the rider feels good and in charge when they ride. The big, tough tires that don’t easily get flat help make the ride steady and comfy. They can handle different types of roads easily.

RadPower RadWagon 4 Review

Handling and Maneuverability

The RadWagon 4 is good at being controlled and moved around. The well-made body lets the rider keep an average speed when going over different types of ground. The back mudguards keep the rider clean and dry when wet, making the ride even better.

You can easily see how fast the RadWagon 4 goes on the screen. This lets the rider make good choices when riding the bike. Even though it’s heavy and can carry lots of stuff, it’s still easy to make tight turns and move through busy areas. This makes it a great choice for people who want to use it instead of a car for everyday trips and carrying things.

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Accessories and Customization

The RadPower RadWagon 4 has lots of extras to make your rides better. Riders can pick from many options to make their e-bike their own.

One liked extra is the moving Seatpost. This lets you change the height of the seat easily. This is good for riders who let family or friends use the bike because it ensures it fits people of different heights.

Another good extra is the Deck Pad. This gives extra comfort and safety for people or stuff you’re carrying. The Deck Pad fits easily onto the big back rack, giving you a soft and non-slip place for your things or extra rider.

For people who want more places to put stuff, you can add bike racks to the RadWagon 4. These racks come in different looks and sizes, so you can pick the one that fits your needs. With these extra racks, riders can carry things safely for shopping, work, or fun.

To sum it up, the RadWagon 4 from RadPower lets you make many changes with its range of extras, like the moving seatpost, Deck Pad, and bike racks. These extras let riders make their e-bike rides comfy and useful, ensuring they fit their needs.

Comparison to Previous Models

The RadWagon 4 from Rad Power Bikes has improved compared to the older models. These changes make the bike more useful and comfy for the rider, making it an even better choice for people considering getting a cargo e-bike.

The new Twist Power Assist feature is a big change in the RadWagon 4. This makes it easier for riders to use the electric help when they want. This new thing lets the motor power work better with the rider, making it easier to go up hills and long distances.

Also, the RadPower RadWagon 4 has changes in its design that make the ride better. One change is the angle of the handlebars, which has been made better in the new model to give the rider better control and comfort. This change makes the grip more comfy and the bike easier to move, ensuring riders can go over different types of ground and confidently carry different loads.

The RadPower RadWagon 4 has new extras that let you carry more stuff differently on this e-bike. These options allow riders to make the RadWagon 4 fit what they need, whether it’s having kids, bringing home shopping, or moving big things.

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Final Thoughts

One aspect to consider when looking at the RadPower RadWagon 4 is its suitability as a commuter bike. With its electric capabilities and cargo-carrying capacity, it may be an appealing option for those who need to transport items or even young children on their daily commute.

However, potential buyers should know that the RadPower RadWagon 4 is a heavy bike. Weighing just under 50kg (approx. 110 lbs), maneuvering may be challenging for some riders, especially in tight spaces or when navigating steep inclines. However, the hefty bike design has benefits, as it can handle a total payload capacity of 158kg (approx 350 lbs).

When deciding if the RadPower RadWagon 4 is the right choice, one’s access to a local bike shop plays a role. A good bike shop can assist with assembly and any necessary adjustments or repairs that may arise over time. Considering the RadWagon 4’s weight and unique design, having professional support can be helpful.

The RadPower RadWagon 4 offers a feature-rich and versatile electric cargo bike experience. Although its weight may pose challenges, it is well-suited for those seeking an efficient commuter bike or vehicle for heavy loads. As long as riders know these factors and can access a reliable bike shop for support, the RadWagon 4 could be a valuable investment.


What makes the RadPower RadWagon 4 suitable for a wide range of riders?

The RadPower RadWagon 4 has an adjustable handlebar stem and a telescoping seatpost, accommodating riders of various heights. This feature and the bike’s sturdy frame design ensure a comfortable and customized ride for everyone.

How does the RadWagon 4 handle heavier loads?

The RadWagon 4 has a robust motor and custom tires that provide stability and ease of control, even when carrying heavy cargo. The bike’s integrated rear rack can handle up to 350 pounds, making it ideal for transporting goods or even ferrying children around town.

What features does the RadWagon 4 offer for child safety?

The RadWagon 4 is designed with safety in mind. It has an integrated rear rack that can accommodate a child seat, providing young passengers with a secure and comfortable ride. Additionally, the bike features quality brakes for efficient stopping power and integrated lighting to enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

How does the RadPower RadWagon 4 ‘s powerful motor enhance the riding experience?

The RadWagon 4 has a rear hub motor that delivers smooth power for your ride. This motor and the twist throttle feature enable quick acceleration and help riders easily navigate up hills and challenging terrain.

What are the benefits of the RadPower RadWagon 4 ‘s larger wheels?

The RadWagon 4 features larger wheels of 22 inches, which offer better stability and grip on the road. These larger wheels improve handling, especially while carrying cargo, and contribute to the overall comfort and stability of the ride. However, potential riders should note that these larger wheels may make it more challenging to mount and dismount the bike, especially when loaded with cargo.

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